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Survivor vs. Dancing with the Stars March 25, 2011

During our walk last evening, my husband and I covered a myriad of important subjects. It bears mentioning that we are different in every way. It works for us, it keeps things spicy and interesting. Because of our differences, our conversations are always lively (in a good way). Last evening was no exception. The topic that became the most animated was deep (ha). We spent our evening debating which is the harder TV show to compete in/win? “Survivor” or “Dancing with the Stars?”

Both reality shows are fun to watch. The term ‘physically demanding’ is probably an understatement. In every post-show interview, the contestants say that participation in “Survivor” or “Dancing with the Stars” was much harder than they imagined. Both TV shows air plenty of footage of contestants breaking down, sobbing, losing their cool, etc. Both shows must be tremendously grueling, in a different way.

If I had to choose which reality show to compete in, it would be “Dancing with the Stars.” I would be better suited to a dance all day in a studio setting. I would enjoy learning new choreography, pushing myself out of my comfort zone. As hard as the days get, I could still sleep in my own bed and eat my own food. I could stay warm and dry. I could bathe and brush my teeth. So for me, even if the bones in my feet were broken and I still had to dance, that would be better than being on “Survivor.”

Naturally, my husband would choose to be a contestant on “Survivor.” First off, he can’t dance. He thinks he can but – no. Sure, he can shake what his Mama gave him, but BALLROOM – no. Secondly, he thinks hanging out on a beach, doing challenges and playing a social game would be a good adventure. I’m sure it would – for him. In fact, he probably would be good at “Survivor.” Every time we watch it, he tells me what he would do if he found himself in X situation.

The “Survivor” vs. “Dancing with the Stars” debate further underscores how different we are. It’s fun.

What about you? Which reality TV show would you choose to be on?

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