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The A to Z Blogging Challenge March 28, 2011

I’m writing about this here and on my other blog for two reasons. 1) I am excited about it and 2) I’ve entered both blogs.

An online writing buddy, Marie Anne, stumbled onto The A to Z Blogging Challenge and threw down the gauntlet. Many people joined the challenge to ramp up their blogging frequency. I’m just learning how to blog, so figuring out the frequency hasn’t hit my radar yet. But so many interesting people have signed up, and it looks like an ideal time for me to learn from cool and seasoned bloggers so…. yeah. I’m going for it.

Here’s the way it works: there are 26 letters in the alphabet and there are 26 days in April (excluding Sundays). The challenge is to blog Monday – Saturday. The blog post must correspond to the letter in the alphabet that falls on that day (i.e., April 1 = A, April 2 = B, etc.). This requires a 6-day per week blog post commitment during the entire month.

I am goal-oriented so this will work for me. Since I blog here and at Langley Writes About Writing, I will post on one or the other. On ambitious days I may post to both. I am 100% committed to posting to at least one of the blogs daily, for the duration of the challenge. It’s going to be fun and entertaining, my head’s already full of whacky ideas.

If you’re a blogger and want to join in, there’s a button on the other blog. I’d include it here too IF I knew how. See how much I have to learn! Right here in public!

So I hope you’ll follow along or join in.

And if you can think of an interesting blog post that starts with the letter Q, X or Z, I’m all ears.


Survivor vs. Dancing with the Stars March 25, 2011

During our walk last evening, my husband and I covered a myriad of important subjects. It bears mentioning that we are different in every way. It works for us, it keeps things spicy and interesting. Because of our differences, our conversations are always lively (in a good way). Last evening was no exception. The topic that became the most animated was deep (ha). We spent our evening debating which is the harder TV show to compete in/win? “Survivor” or “Dancing with the Stars?”

Both reality shows are fun to watch. The term ‘physically demanding’ is probably an understatement. In every post-show interview, the contestants say that participation in “Survivor” or “Dancing with the Stars” was much harder than they imagined. Both TV shows air plenty of footage of contestants breaking down, sobbing, losing their cool, etc. Both shows must be tremendously grueling, in a different way.

If I had to choose which reality show to compete in, it would be “Dancing with the Stars.” I would be better suited to a dance all day in a studio setting. I would enjoy learning new choreography, pushing myself out of my comfort zone. As hard as the days get, I could still sleep in my own bed and eat my own food. I could stay warm and dry. I could bathe and brush my teeth. So for me, even if the bones in my feet were broken and I still had to dance, that would be better than being on “Survivor.”

Naturally, my husband would choose to be a contestant on “Survivor.” First off, he can’t dance. He thinks he can but – no. Sure, he can shake what his Mama gave him, but BALLROOM – no. Secondly, he thinks hanging out on a beach, doing challenges and playing a social game would be a good adventure. I’m sure it would – for him. In fact, he probably would be good at “Survivor.” Every time we watch it, he tells me what he would do if he found himself in X situation.

The “Survivor” vs. “Dancing with the Stars” debate further underscores how different we are. It’s fun.

What about you? Which reality TV show would you choose to be on?

Who is your favorite reality TV show host? Here are mine: The Best Male Reality TV Show Hosts.


Happy St. Patrick’s Day March 17, 2011

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There are so many good Irish quotes I could post today. Some of my favorite Irish quotes are deep and meaningful, while others are just plain funny. Guess which one I’ll choose?

“May those who love us love us; and those who don’t love us, may God turn their hearts; and if He doesn’t turn their hearts, may he turn their ankles so we’ll know them by their limping.”

Over the years, I’ve written a lot of content for St. Patrick’s Day. Every year, when St. Patrick’s Day rolls around, I’m amazed at the number of page views the content gets. Most of the stuff is silly; limericks, short stories and leprechaun fantasy fun. For me, St. Patrick’s Day and Halloween are the two biggest holidays – as far as page views are concerned. Before I started writing for the internet, I would never have guessed that. So here’s a tip, if you don’t already know. Write light and breezy content for St. Patrick’s Day and people will read it.

It’s nice to be able to write fun stuff right now, there is so much horror and devastation in the world. Sometimes I feel like it’s disrespectful to write kiddie stuff when there are world issues that demand serious attention. But then I think there needs to be some happy and upbeat things to think about. A short escape, we all need a break sometimes.

Speaking of Irish quotes, I whipped this out for today: The Top Five Irish Quotes for St. Patrick’s Day.

It’s posted on List My Five, which is a fun and easy site to write for. The website is just starting out and it’s a rev share site, so I can’t offer an opinion about whether it will be profitable or not. But it’s a good place to get started – either as a first venture into web writing or as a start to your day. If you are a seasoned writer, banging out something light on LM5 gets your creative juices flowing. I use it as a warm-up for some of the more complicated things I’ll write about throughout the day. Give it a look.

And if you want a short break from the heartbreak in Japan or the failing economy, here are a few lighthearted St. Patrick’s Day ditties:

How to Catch a Leprechaun – a St. Patrick’s Day Get Rich Quick Scheme

An Old Irish Guy from Nantucket – a St. Patrick’s Day Limerick

Okay, I’m out. Off to write some serious stuff…


Hello world! March 16, 2011

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Hello world is an appropriate enough beginning, so I think I’ll leave it at that. In fact, it bears repeating. Hello world! It’s about time I got into this blogging business. I’ve got a lot to say and you *might* find some of it interesting. If not, let me know. All feedback is appreciated and I know I can learn from what you have to say.

So this is me jumping in. This is a blog about my rich and random life. I say rich because the opportunities and experiences in my life have exceed my wildest dreams. I say random because the opportunities and experiences are so varied that the only way to describe them is random.

A college professor once told me:

“Langley, you’re pretty good at a lot of things but not great at any one thing. People who are only good at one thing have an easier time in this life. Their path is clear. You’ll have tough choices to make.”

That’s pretty heavy to say to a college kid. At the time, I really didn’t get what she meant. Was that an insult, a compliment or simply an observation? Now that, um, several years have passed, I know exactly what she meant. And it was an insightful observation. Because I am pretty good at a lot of things, I’ve done a lot of things, which results in a rich and random life.


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