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My First Car was a VW April 27, 2011

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Yep, for those of you that are playing along, I’m sure you guessed it. My first car was … wait for it … a VW. How good is that? See how clever I am, writing about my first car to catch up with the A-Z Blogging Challenge. I’m behind on my V-day post and today is W-day so this works out peachy. Okay, enough with the self congratulations, let me think of how to turn this lucky coincidence into something you may find interesting to read.

It was a huge accomplishment, buying that car. I didn’t own anything at the time, and had no credit. The car was a white Volkswagen Jetta. Stripped bare. No power anything, but it was mine.

On my drive to work, I passed a corner building that was made of mirrors. There was a stoplight at that corner and I never minded when it was red. I got to look at my car’s profile in the mirror. It was a good looking car.

The car was a lemon. It was a dud. I had to put oil in the engine every time I gassed up. At the time when I was counting every penny, I was buying more oil than food. Feeding my car better than I was feeding myself. So I got busy. I hounded the dealership. I was relentless. When I found no satisfaction there, I went to Volkswagen corporate. I made noise. I researched and quoted Lemon Laws. I stayed on them like a bad dream. After spending lots of energy,  Volkswagen sent a corporate mechanic to evaluate my car. It was, indeed, a lemon. I’m happy to report that they made it right. Yay for VW and yay for me.

Don’t give up.


3 Responses to “My First Car was a VW”

  1. Ilene Says:

    Great story! So glad it had a happy ending. I had a VW new Beetle that I drove for eleven years and put on it almost 200,000 miles. It died last December and I really miss it.

  2. Jenny Says:

    Great post for V-W!

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