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T is for… Tea April 23, 2011

T is for tea because I love it. All kinds of tea. I’ve never tasted a tea that I didn’t like. I’ve had the good fortune of traveling all over the world. During my travels, I’ve had proper tea in England and explored a variety of green teas across Asia. Right here at home, I enjoy good, basic iced tea.

Being from the south, iced tea is a staple. But we didn’t drink iced tea growing up. My parents thought we needed milk to build bones so… we drank milk. At every meal. Very un-southern-like, milk was our go-to beverage. It wasn’t until I forged out on my own that I started my love affair with tea.

My vagabond days are over and I’ve settled down, back here in the south. Fortune smiles on me (again). The Charleston Tea Plantation is close to our house. America’s only working tea farm is right here, where I live.

Local tea. Fresh, delicious tea. Right here. Did I mention that I love tea?

If you want to read more about the Charleston Tea Plantation, check out these articles:

America’s Only Working Tea Farm is in Charleston, South Carolina

Making Tea at Charleston Tea Plantation in Charleston, South Carolina

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9 Responses to “T is for… Tea”

  1. gail Says:

    After reading all the benefits of tea, I’ve become a tea drinker also. I haven’t had the opportunity to experience teas around the world by traveling to all the countries like you, but I do enjoy several varieties here at home. Recently, I discovered Rooibos and purchased Raw Green Mango Chili bush tea and Red Tea cinnamon orange (my favorite.)

  2. My grandpa got me into drinking tea. Of course I was six or seven so my tea usually had a pound of sugar dumped in. Now it’s a couple of teaspoons and I’m good to go. But black tear or Earl Gray only, my tastes are limited.

  3. Eliza Wynn Says:

    I like hot spiced chai, but that’s it.

  4. Beth Says:

    Hey Langley, how do you feel about tea? ;O)

    My “T” Post
    My “S” Post

  5. Spencer Says:

    I like the green tea you get at a Chines restaurant and peppermint that’s it. Oh and if I’m sick I’ll drink tea to help me feel better but I don’t generally like it.

  6. theresawiza Says:

    I love teas. Chai is my favorite, but at bedtime it has to be Sleepytime. With honey!

    My latest A-Z Challenge blog –

  7. Kelly Spies Says:

    oooo I like tea too. I like a good strong black, irish morning tea with truvia and cream. yummm!! good post.

    T is for Torani Sugar Free Irish Cream Syrup

  8. Wendy Says:

    I’m so used to tea being from other places, it never occurred to me that we might just have a tea plantation right in this country! Cool!! I drink more hot tea now than I used to. I like oolong and chai as well as traditional black. I even like rooibos (not a true tea, but tastes amazingly like sweet black tea.) I’ll drink green tea, but prefer it cold and sweet.

  9. […] T is for… Tea « Langley Writes Recently, I discovered Rooibos and purchased Raw Green Mango Chili bush tea and Red Tea cinnamon orange (my favorite.) Reply · Patricia Royal Says: April 23, 2011 at 08:59 pm. My grandpa got me into drinking tea […]

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