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Ricochet Rabbit: A Favorite Childhood Cartoon April 21, 2011

Ricochet Rabbit was my hero.

He was a cartoon character from a short segment on Hanna-Barbera’s The Magilla Gorilla Show. Ricochet Rabbit and Droop-a-Long were the law in the western town of Hoop ‘n’ Holler. Ricochet Rabbit was fast, real fast. He could race around and bounce off walls at the speed of old-timey animation. Nobody could catch Ricochet Rabbit. As a kid, I was little and fast. Nobody could catch me. I practiced bouncing off the walls, always hopeful that I would magically become as rubbery as Ricochet. I wanted to literally bounce off the walls. I thought that was soooooo cool.

My parents were in an informal bridge club. The games rotated and when it was their turn to play host they would pull out the old vinyl-top card table, open a can of black olives and a jar of peanuts, and make sure we had something to occupy ourselves in the back of the house. I was very young. I loved attention.

At the perfect time, I would blast into the living room where the grownups were playing bridge. I would run around the room, flinging myself against the walls yelling bing, bing, BING! Ricochet Rabbit. (Ricochet always referred to himself in third person).

That’s where the memory ends. I have no idea how my parents explained my bizarre behavior, although I’m certain that wasn’t the only dramatic outburst these folks ever saw from me. I’m positive I graced the guests with encore preformances of Ricochet Rabbit whenever my parents hosted bridge club.


In fact checking this post I was amazed to discover that Ricochet Rabbit only played for 2 seasons, only 23  episodes. The Hanna-Barbera classic ran from January 14, 1964 – December 4, 1965. How (and WHY!?) it made such an impression on me is a mystery. But I still think Ricochet Rabbit was a cool cat, and I am pleased to write about him for R-day in the A-Z Blogging Challenge.

Perhaps it’s Ricochet Rabbit (who lived in Hoop ‘n’ Holler), that started my love of alliteration. That should have dawned on me when I wrote this post: Alliteration: Why I Love It.

And maybe Ricochet Rabbit’s propensity for referring to himself in the third person prompted this post: Writing About Yourself in the Third Person. BTW, the comments on that post make me laugh.

I still feel like Ricochet Rabbit sometimes. Bing, bing, BING!

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9 Responses to “Ricochet Rabbit: A Favorite Childhood Cartoon”

  1. Bing-bing-bing!

    What a memory.

    Linda Ann

    I stopped by via the A to Z Challenge for April, and I invite you to visit my blogs at The Mane Point (Horses), Nickers and Ink (Poetry), Practically at Home (Home and Helpful How-to’s) and the Meme Express (Daily Blog Prompts).

  2. Wendy Says:

    Wow – I haven’t heard hide nor “hare” of Ricochet in DECADES! Magilla Gorilla was one of my regular series to watch along with Crusader Rabbit, Rocky and Bullwinkle, Qeekstraw McGraw and others! And, of course, the original Loony Toons. Great memories there!

    Stopping by from the A-Z Challenge to visit. You can find me at:
    The Frustrated Foodie

  3. Luana Krause Says:

    I was/am a die-hard Hanna-Barbera fan and saw all the toons! In my childhood years I was glued to the TV. But I don’t remember Ricochet Rabbit. I do, however, remember Magilla Gorilla, et al. Thanks for the trip down memory lane!

  4. Jeffrey Says:

    Ricochet Rabbit was before my time but I’ve think I’ve caught a glimpse of the hare somewhere along the way. It’s cool that a cartoon character could inspire you through alliteration.

    Happy to meet you via the A-Z Challenge!

  5. Ilene Says:

    I remember Ricochet Rabbit! Don’t worry, you gave your parents’ bridge partners something to talk about after they went home!

  6. Beth Says:

    This cracked me up…I could just see little you jetting through the place. :O)

    My “S” Post
    My “R” Post

  7. Eliza Wynn Says:

    Sounds like little Langley kept her parents on their toes! It must have been a blast at your house.

    • Nancy Watts Says:

      Little Lanagley certainly did keep her parents on our toes. Our bridge club knew that cards would not be the only entertainment they would have that night. Never a dull moment at our house.

  8. joshpshapiro Says:

    Thanks for the information

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