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Popsicles and Baby Pools April 19, 2011

When I was a kid we didn’t have much money. But kids don’t know that. There is an age where you don’t think about what you have versus what others have. I had everything I wanted. I had unlimited popsicles and a baby pool. And I loved popsicles.

My mom used to make red kool-aid popsicles. Inexpensive and delicious, she poured red kool-aid into paper dixie cups and let them half-freeze. Then, when the consistency was firm enough to hold a stick upright, she’d lovingly place a stick in the middle of each popsicle and let them freeze solid. A blowup kiddie pool is the perfect place to eat red kool-aid popsicles. It doesn’t matter how fast the popsicle melts or how messy you are.

Simple pleasures are the best.

I have fond childhood memories of splashing in the blowup kiddie pool slurping quickly melting red kool-aid popsicles. So for the A-Z Blogging Challenge my P-word is popsicles. Yum!


5 Responses to “Popsicles and Baby Pools”

  1. Wendy Says:

    You’re right – we had everything we needed and wanted as children, didn’t we? We learn dissatisfaction when we grow up., I think. We need to learn to be satisfied with what we have. More is nice, but what we have is real.

  2. We used to run around the yard in the sprinklers when it got hot. The lack of a swimming pool never really occurred to us, plus we could play longer since you don’t prune as fast in the sprinklers.

    It’s true that, at a certain age, we don’t know what we don’t have.

  3. Tony Payne Says:

    Good memories. You can entertain kids really well if you want without having to spend a fortune.

  4. […] on how the concept of quality of life is ever-changing. In the post (about popsicles, you can read it here) I described one of many fond childhood memories that did not require fancy trappings. Although a […]

  5. PK Says:

    Ahhh. . . I was very fond of popsicles, too. We only had a kiddie pool for one season, and a good spray with the hose was a treat on a sweltering summer day.

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