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A is for Absent / B is for Birthday April 3, 2011

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In an effort to catch up on the A – Z Blog Challenge I’m combining A & B into one post on this blog. To further stretch the rules, I’m doing this combo-post on the wrong day. It’s a good thing the A – Z  challenge doesn’t have strict rules or I’d be kicked out for sure. In any case, the A & B combo-post will explain…

I was Absent on the A day because we went to my dad’s 75th Birthday party. Because we had to travel to get to his party, I was also Absent on the B day.

My family congregated in Charlotte for the festivities and we all had a big time. It strikes me that this is the second post I’ve written about family festivities and birthday parties. 2 out of 6. In case you are wondering, yeah, we like to celebrate. As a family, we’re always looking for a reason to get together and lift a glass. Hey, maybe that will be my C post – about celebrations! It’s hard to believe my dad is 75. He is a perennial child, in a good way. As I look back on some of my poems and articles it’s interesting to note how many times I’ve written about my dad. I’m going to link 2 of my favorites in case you want to know more about him.

On Being Raised by a Boy Scout

A Father’s Day Poem for Dad

I am blogging for the A – Z challenge on my Langley Writes about Writing blog, which is on Blogger. Since I know how to schedule posts there, I’m in compliance. Here on WordPress, I have no idea. We all know I’m a blogging newbie. One of the reasons I signed up for this challenge is to learn more about blogging in general. Maybe I’ll learn how to schedule a post here too, before this is all over! Let’s raise a glass to wishing!

Happy Birthday Dad! We love you!





5 Responses to “A is for Absent / B is for Birthday”

  1. Madison Woods Says:

    Oh see, now I’m just the opposite. I know how to schedule posts on WordPress, but not on Blogger.

    I found you through the challenge, will check back to see what you come up with for C 🙂

  2. Mary Says:

    Blogger I know. I don’t know how you all keep up with two blogs though. Nice bumping into you.

  3. Hi! I enjoyed your blogs. My Mom (Blabbin’ Grammy) is on her 2nd year in the A to Z thing, so I thought I’d quietly try it and see where I get with it. Then, I realized I needed to follow some blogs, so I chose yours as one to follow….I’ve often been told I have a full and rich family life. 🙂

    Good posts!
    Mom’s Blog

  4. I love your site and as I browsed your blog I decided to award you the Creative Blog Award.
    Go to and pick up your award.

  5. […] you read my A & B post on this blog (A is for Absent / B is for Birthday), about my dad’s birthday. Even though we have to travel to get together, we take every […]

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